If this is your first cave visit with Spekul, please take into account the following:

  1. Make sure your insurance arranged. Either buy day insurance or half year insurance, but in either case make sure it is paid to our treasurer on Wednesday before the cave visit! He will send the list of those insured to the people guiding the cave visit. No insurance = no cave visit!!
  2. During the club meeting on Wednesday before the cave trip, all people going on the visit must convene to discuss practicalities, such as:
    • time and place of departure
    • what gear needs to be borrowed from the club (e.g. helmet/harness). You are responsible for ensuring your gear is coming along. No gear = no cave visit!!
    • Q&A
  3. Ensure you bring the following on the day of the cave visit:
    • Clothing that may be soiled and may never become clean again. It is 12°C in the cave, but we will be moving, so wear 3 layers (not too thick, not too thin)
    • Gloves to keep your hands warm (cheap gardening gloves will do)
    • If you have knee or elbow protection, take it along, but make sure it allows you to bend your knees and elbows
    • If you have wellies (wellington boots), bring those, otherwise you will get wet feet. You will probably get wet feet anyways ;-)
    • An entire set of dry clothes (including socks, shoes, underwear, towel) for afterwards
    • A big plastic bag to put all your dirty clothes in
    • Lunch (e.g. sandwiches) for before and after the cave visit
    • Something to drink for before and after the cave visit
    • 3 FRESH AAA batteries to put in your helmet's light. You can take these batteries back after the trip