Spekul is the University of Leuven's caving club. Located in Leuven, Belgium and founded in 1967, the club has more than 50 members, among them not only students, but also many non-students. Spekul is a member of the VVS (Flemish caving society).

A caving club is about caving, so there are trips almost every week. At times, as many as three different groups are caving at the same time in different caves and quite often in different countries. There are quite a number of caves in Belgium, allowing an active member to practice the art of caving and to stay tuned, but since they are not among the world's largest (the deepest Belgian cave is less than 150m deep), we often visit caves in France, England, Spain, or other European countries. We also explore new caves in Austria, Spain and more exotic countries such as Lebanon and Vietnam.

Caving will take you to places most other people will never see. It is a non-competitive sport, but it will challenge you both physically and mentally. Additionally, sound teamwork is essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. As a result, caving is a excellent way to get to know yourself and other club members. Spekul organises training sessions (in collaboration with the 'sportkot') and trips for all levels of cavers, starting with day trips to Belgian caves suitable for absolute beginners. As you build up experience, you can consider joining our international expeditions, exploring unknown parts of the Earth’s crust.

Our club regularly participates in various activities organized by the caving community in our region: Barchon, Senzeilles, Koekelberg, tour de Roton, Speleological days, etc. We also organize outdoor activities other than caving, such as camping, kayaking, biking, skiing, etc., Finally, the club has a yearly weekend retreat, a BBQ and we are also known to drink the odd beer.

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