Our exploration in Faouar Dara, the deepest cave of the Middle East - September 2002
After an initial visit in 2001, we returned to Faouar Dara in order to explore at the bottom of the cave (-600m). We found a new gallery of 300m long!

Mgharet Ain el Libne - Picture Gallery

Five years of Lebanese cave exploration by Spekul
Since Steve, one of our caving club members, started working in Lebanon back in 1995, several small-scale expeditions were organized in this fascinating country. Brief summary on the main findings.

Spekul in Lebanon: History and Detailed descriptions
Ain el Libne: In 1995 we discovered another 1.5 km of active streamway after the 'Lac Terminal'. In September '96, 1544m were surveyed, making Ain El Libne number 4 on The Longest Lebanese Cave List... The Cascade was climbed by Lieven Debontridder, alias het Zothuis, in September '97. A fossil continuation was explored about 300m up to a sump. The active part still went on and was fully explored in September 2000...
Mar Challita: In 1995 we used some 'chemical persuation' to widen the drafting squeeze at the water level of the known part, to find another 600m of magnificent passage, ending on two sumps. The largest one was dived by Vincent Coessens in September 1997 till a small air bell. The flooded part still goes...

Pictures of Caving explorations in Lebanon