Nederlandstalige informatie over lidmaatschap vind je hier.

If you are seriously interested in caving with us, you should take up membership! There are plenty of good reasons why you should become a member:

  • You get proper insurance that covers caving as well as other activities organised within the club. Please note that while day insurance can be used while you are deciding whether or not you like caving, we strongly urge you to become a member once you have decided, which should be after your first caving trip. More information about insurance can be found here.
  • You become a member of Spekul as well as the VVS (Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen: Flemish Caving Society).
  • As a member of VVS, you automatically receive an informative caving magazine (including cave maps and photos), published twice yearly by the VVS.
  • Once a year, you can participate in the co-purchase of caving gear, which offers an attractive discount.

To become a member, contact our treasurer (). The various types of membership and their corresponding prices (for the year 2022, which includes a Corona discount) are listed below:

Membership type Price
Single member Spekul & main member VVS € 100   normal members
Student member Spekul & main member VVS € 90   students
Dual membership Spekul & main and side member VVS € 175   for couples or relatives living at the
same address
Family membership (4 persons) € 203    
Family membership (5 persons) € 219    
Family membership (6 persons)  € 231    
Supporting member € 10   no insurance
Single member Spekul & main or side member VVS (65+) € 75   anciens
Dual membership Spekul & main and side member VVS (both 65+) € 130   anciens
Youth member € 13   insurance for non-speleo activities
Start-of-year membership  € 44   from January to June
End-of-year membership  € 44   from September to December