If you are not a member of a caving club, but you want to explore a real, non-tourist cave then you can request a guided cave trip. The best way of doing this, is by contacting the VVS, who will send your request to all Flemish clubs, including Spekul. You can also contact us directly (see below). Be aware that we are not a commercial organization. Chances are that we won't be able to find volunteers to guide your trip.



When you want to request a caving trip guided by Spekul, you need to send a mail to . Please mention the following things in your mail:

  • the amount of people joining trip,
  • what kind of group it is (scouting, colleagues, friends, ...) ,
  • the age categories and whether there are minors in the group,
  • one or multiple proposed dates on which you want to go caving (multiple dates increases the chance that guides are available),
  • a short motivation might be useful as well,
  • other things you think we should know.

When the request is approved, we will start searching for club members who want to be a guide on your trip. We will contact you when we have found sufficient guides.

When the date is set, you will need to give us a final list of participants, with full name, address and birth date so we can arrange the insurance.


A guided trip will cost you € 4 per person to rent material from the club (helmets and harnesses), € 60 per guide as a reimbursement of expenses for the guide and € 8 per adult or € 5 per minor guided person guided person for the insurance. A group always needs at least two guides and cannot be larger than 10 persons (excluding the guides). You need to organize your own transport.

Necessary gear

You need sturdy clothes for the trip. These clothes will get wet and dirty and might get ripped. Don't take clothes you still want to be able to use afterwards. Jeans or wool are not preferred as they becomes heavy when wet. Heavy shoes or boots are needed. Gardening gloves are very useful. Make sure you have a full set of fresh clothes for after the trip.

For the lighting on your helmet you need 3 unused and fully charged AAA. That is triple AAA, not the bigger double AA batteries! It's good practice to take some spare batteries.

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