Each year around the end of November, Spekul organizes a co-purchase of caving gear. This is an ideal moment to ask for nice speleo presents to put beneath the Christmas tree!

Currently the co-purchase is conducted at the Berghut adventure store, where we get a discount between 15% and 20% on essentially all equipment sold at the store. Please note that no discount is given on Scurion head lights and rope.

To participate in the co-purchase, you must be a Spekul member. You will also need to fill out the order form (here is an example) and send it to the person organizing the co-purchase before the announced due date. A few weeks after sending the orders to the Berghut, a visit to the store is organized for those people who need to fit clothes or shoes that have been ordered. At the same time, the orders are picked up. The club will pay for your order in advance, but only if you only if you do not have outstandig debts with the club!

Members will receive an e-mail with the relevant order form and due date. Please note that Spekul merely organizes the co-purchase and bears no responsibility for any problems with the orders.